Month: September 2018

23 Sep

Sophia- The Robot most Advanced Features in Robot with New Technologies

HANSON ROBOTICS CREATOR OF SOPHIA-THE ROBOT. Hanson Robotics creates amazingly expressive and lifelike robots that build trusted and engaging relationships with people uses artificial intelligence, visual data processing and facial recognition. She can also imitates human gestures and facial expressions. conversation. She can do many facial expressions  like angry, sad happy. This advanced Robot of
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19 Sep

Apple Watch Series 4- All Features.

The apple watch Series 4 is the most impressive thing, It is the most powerful, personal and liberating device that it can change the way you live each day. Apple watch is one of the most important product that apple have made. The hardware of this watch has been fully redesigned. The hardware and the
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18 Sep

Some simple Exercises to stay fit ( Do at your home)

Exercise can make you a happier person. But now days it becomes expensive and confusing. Doing exercise regularly can reduce body fat, builds muscles and improve energy levels. So here are some exercises which you can do anywhere and anytime using nothing but just your own body weight. So let’s see what are these exercises:
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12 Sep

How to Style your Hair with Care- Simple ways

Everybody wants to look good almost everyday everytime. Who doesn’t?  Right? But sometimes it becomes really hard when your hair decides to not co-operate with you. They are the most important factor in your looks. So it is necessary  to keep them healthy because I am sure everyone here like to curl, straighten or whatever
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