Top 10 Bicycles all over the world- With features

According to the design and functional of these bicycles proves and implement that they promote the idea that human propelled transport can be both fun and functional.

There are top 10 Crazy bikes.

10 The Running shoe Bike.

The running shoe Bike from continental Tire. The bike has comes with 12 high- performance sneakers boasting Continental tire tread soles instead of tubes and tires, and Adidas iconic striping on the sides arranged into two wheels and attached to a yellow frame.

The bike seems to pedal pretty darn well. As a bonus there is a minimal chance of a flat that you could lose a shoe.

9 Backwards Tandem Bike.


It is a very unique and strangely designed. This bicycle has attracted many surprised looks from passers by. As the rider in the back is facing backwards.

The cleverness in this design is in the chain and transmission system which has been modified. The rear seat and front seat seems to be going their own ways, but the bicycle actually moved in only one direction.

8 The four-wheel rowing cycle

It’s propelled forward by rowing with the patented handlebar. Which transmits power to a chain driven gear centered on the rear axle.

It combines the full body workout of a rowing machine with a exhilarating ride of a recumbent quad-cycle.

7 The Bendable Bike.

It is the great invention of all the time which is hard to believe that it works but it actually works. The bike can bend around a lamp post. The whole bike bends to lock onto itself.

First it’s rigid, but when you push a lever and it’s flexible to tie it to a post.

6 The B.O.N.D Bike.

It is built of Notorious Deterrent, features with a handlebear- mounted flamethrower and an ejector seat, and a rear caterpillar track.


It is build up by Yannick Read of the Environmental Transport Association. The flamethrower fitted in the handlebars which prevents overtaking motorists getting too close. The caterpillar track is for smooth riding over potholed roads.

5 The Lopifit Bike.

Sensors are attached into the bike. As the riders walk, sensors register the turning treadmill and kick the motor into gear to assist the movement and set the wheels in motion.

According to the makers, the bike can travel 30 to 50 miles on a charge. A selection of gears enable the user to change the walking pace from leisurely stroll to brisk walk.

Lopifit Bike comes with a price at $2,500 for per bike.

4 The Bionic Runner Bike.

It is designed to build a core running strength. The bionic Runner is game changer, this bike specifically recruits and stresses the same muscles as running. It improves running specific pitches and stride economy.

It has a unique dual-action of a non-impact landing and a closed kinetic chain combine to protect the rider from two major causes of injury- Impact fatigue and over-extension.

3 The Lunartic bicycle.

The Lunartic is a hubless urban bike. It is designed by Luke Douglas. It is compact urban bicycle.

It is a combination of different wheel sizes a toothed belt drive and a hubless rear wheel to harness the power of gyroscopic effect for a faster, more efficient ride.

The front wheel offers the Maximum space saving benefits without folding, while the large rear wheel provides more contact with the road, offering the stability of a hybrid.

2 Strandbeast spider Bike.

It is created by Theo Jansen.
Out hipster every Millennials encounters on the streets While you are riding on this spider-legs-wheel bicycle. Instead of traditional rear wheel it has a unique ride boost your metallic legs that will actually walk in sequence as you begin to pedal.

The walking bike got its first real ride during the Santa Barbara Solstice Parade.

1 Cyclotron Bike.

This bike has two spokeless wheel making it the first commercials available bike using this technology.

An automatic light sensor switches the lights on or off according to the current daylight situation. The self- charging li-ion battery pack powers the cyclotron’s lights for more than eight hours without engaging the internal dynamo.
In order to create the foundation for the cycloverse, they had to overcome the boundaries of the conventional bikes and tear some walls.

It’s an open source smart bike platform that everybody can connect and contribute to improve the cyclotron universe with each day.

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