Apple MacBook Air 2018 got “Touch ID” and it’s brand new body with Recycled Aluminum

The new Apple Mac book is here with its brand new body and features.

It is ultra thin, ultralight notebook could be. With the new Mac book Air
Apple brings many of their most  advanced technologies into this iconic design.

There are powerfully new features in MacOS  Mojave come to life on incredibly vivid and precise Retina
display. It has been said that the number one feature custom somewhat they wanted in MacBook Air has been Retina display.

It has 13.3 inches display with 48% more colours. Wide viewing angle, It contains over four million pixels which provide remarkable  clarity, high contrast and brilliant  colors. The aluminium  bezel of current MacBook  Air is gone. The new MacBook has a very sleek body and design forming birders that are 50% narrower. With this narrower design Apple has managed to keep up with third Face time camera at the top of the display .

The eight generation dual-purpose processor is powerful and efficient  which helps in to achieve all day battery  life. What else do we want ?


The MacBook Air got the new feature  which is TOUCH ID.
With the Touch ID sensor it enables Apple pay and allows you to unlock your MacBook  by touching your finger on it.

To enable the Touch ID it comes with The Apple T2  security chip delivers advanced security and Hey Siri to MacBook Air. Also with the features  like encrypted storage which is enabled with SSD controller. It has automatic on the fly data encryption offering the most secure storage of any notebook could ever have also secure boot and Secure Enclave.

It has 8 gigabytes of memory a 1.6 core i5  processor with turbo upto 3.6 and 128 gigs of storage.

The new MacBook has  latest generation  butterfly keyboard is Backlit, with keys that offers four times more and provides  stability, precision and responsiveness.

The Mac book’s older diving board version is replaced with the new force touch track pad.

Apple includ a much larger Force Touch Track pad which has built-in force sensors that allow the user to click anywhere and expediting the finer level of control.

The MacBook  has now better sound quality with  25%  more louder.
It has high fadility  speakers which produce significantly  more volume and bass for a fuller sound and wide dynamic range.

Thunderbolt 3 integrates USB-C into  the most powerful and versatile port ever. There is a 8th generation dual-core CPU along with the latest Intel Integrated graphics, it also supports up to 16 gigabytes which makes it more faster and doubles the capacity of the previous Macbook

The unibody enclosure is made from 100% Recycled aluminium. Apple designed  this for the first time a full MacBook built with recycled aluminium. The new Air is 10% more thinner then the previous one.
To accomplish this Apple invented a new customer Alloy. It’s designed  to use fine shavings of recaptured  aluminium that are re-engineered down to the atomic level. This new alloy is very beautiful  and robust.

And this makes the MacBook air the greenest Mac ever.

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