UNOBRUSH The smartest and Hygienic way to clean your teeth

UNOBRUSH The Smartest Tooth Brush

Nowdays everyone is inventing a technology whether it is Samrtphones, Automobiles or other things. There are two friends who are founder of the new technology which can be use for cleaning teeth. UNOBRUSH is invented by Andrew or Daniel, new and better way of cleaning teeth or you can say that time saving. Many years ago there was same way of cleaning our teeth. The designing and process of cleaning have been never changed from decades. So these two people invented a technology and as output gave us a product called UNOBRUSH.


Unobrush is a new hygienic way to brush your teeth. It took only 6 seconds for cleaning. It is hygienic or time save machine. It is very necessary to stay clean and hygiene. They have designed the UNOBRUSH docking station which sanitized the mouthpiece with the help of UV light in it. With every use of this machine it creates a large amount of bacteria in the machine which is harfull for the health of our gums and teeth but the UV lights helps and prevents it from bacteria and keep the Brush clean. In a busy schedule where other things matters the most UNOBRUSH helps in saving your time.

How it works

The working process is very fast. It takes only 6 seconds to clean your teeth which is hillarious. Time saving actually. It helps in protecting our teeth from bacteria. Regular brushing take one or two minutes but unobrush is hasel free and it cleans in 360• angel. It include unofoam which is spounge like material. It has layers in it with the special layers coated with cris cross palate which can remove 99.9% of bacteria. It is advanced anti-cavity product which helps in cleaning the teeth in better way or refreshing your breath.

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