What problems can be caused by irregular period| MenstruationDisorder symptoms|

Menstrual disorder Now days is avery common problem among teenage girls.
Have you ever face this type of problem in your life. Then you are definitely concerned about your health. Because this type of problem can cause many problems.

Today’s hectic schedule we usually ignore such kind of problems but this is serious and unavoidable you should consult it with your gynologist or some experts because it may affect your future or your health also.

Menstruation irregulation is growing faster in teen age girls.had you ever thought about what problems can be caused due to late or irregular or improper periods. but thankfuly there is internet where everything anf every information is available but i will reccemond you to consult a doctor

Mensuration disorder can cause these problems , symptoms –

Health issue
Hormone problems

Also a very common problem which is very serious nowadays is PCOS.

Period start with puberty. When a Girls enters their teenage between 11 to 16 and it almost starting reducing by the age of 55 Normaly. But for some reasons there are hormone changes in our body and due to that, started irregular period it’s called PCOS. Multifollicullar ovaries filled with small cyst of particles in it and cant ovulate a egg.
In this case ovary cannot be a ovulate. A woman with PCOS disorder cannot ovulate eggs per month and facing problem to conceive a baby.

Causes –
PCOS disorder causes health issues like

  • Weight loss Or gain weight
  • Loss of hair
  • Skin problems
  • Irregular periods, Mostly.
  • Difficult to conceive baby

    In this case you should definitely consult your gynologist or experts. Every problem has a solution which conduct a treatment so do not to worry it include four to six month of treatment. Complete the process and do not start getting any medicines without proper consultation with your doctor.

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