Spotify: The music streaming service is now available in India.

28 Feb

Spotify: The music streaming service is now available in India.

Spotify. A music streaming platform which is originally launched in October 2008. As by the time Spotify become the top music service app. It is available globally when it’s on subscribe based. It has 96 million paying subscribers all around the world.

After a very long time with lots of efforts Swedan based music app “Spotify” has accomplish to provide their services in India. Yes now India can also enjoy the service of Spotify. As the delayness occurs in arrival of Spotify in India because the company took its time to make a deal with various music labels that controls the music industry here.

You can access to various music and albums without getting any premium plans. But if you want to enjoy the whole service of Spotify you should get the premium plan. With premium plans you get 320Kbps audio files and options of downloading to listen music from your library without any data while offline. Spotify earns less from per-play and from ads and apart from ads they get paid from premium plans. So to encourage people to get premium the free tier is limited in some ways.

I hope that Spotify is able to get their profit from Indian users as there is already a high competition which already exists like Amazon Music, jiosaavan, Apple Music.

According to the quality and quantity of content Spotify is providing a wide range of music which includes Bollywood, Tamil, Punjabi, Hindi, Telugu, English, International genres, Radio, podcasts.

As it is new here so there are lots of things and music which is still missing but they are going to provide it sooner. You can see that all artists are available but there is missing of their songs and albums only few single and albums are available of some artists this is because of the legal issues with Warner Music. But is is confirmed that the problem will be solved soon.

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