CleansBot: A Bacteria Killing Device. Capable of killing 99.99% bacteria within minutes.

Bacteria killing Robot.

This convenient and germ killing, travel sized device is helpful to kill the bacteria which is best thing a traveler would always want to carry with them. It is the best portable device which can be carried anywere especially in hotel rooms where is lack of hygiene.

But now you have been introduced with bacteria killing device AKA CleansBot which is capable of killing 99% of bacteria and germs. The robot uses AI and UV light to scour surface and to kill bacteria on dirty sheets. It contains 18 sensors and four UV-C lamps.

It is capable to clean the full size hotel suite in just 30-60 minutes.

It is also a multitasker as a bonus it can be use as a power bank, you don’t have to carry your power bank with you while you are carrying this device “Cleanse it” with you.

How to use?

It’s simple and easy to use. Just pull apart the top and bottom halves f CleanseBot so the wheels can be revealed and then place it on the bed then the device will automatically began to do its job by crawling and cleaning the surface.

It has been tested by the manufacturers on different kinds of fabrics and materials and it is also capable of climbing over any lumps and bumps on its way.

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