Toyota and Japanese Agency JAXA are going to send Lunar Driving Rover on Moon in 2029.

Toyota is going to join the space race. Toyota has decided to team up with Japan’s space agency, JAXA. They are going to put the rover on the moon.

The collaboration of Japanese carmaking company and JAXA are going to explore the possibility of driving the Rover on the moon. It’s size is around of a mini buses. They named it “Toyota Jaxa”.

It is self driving as the size of two mini buses. It can travel 6200 meter. It can fit two astronauts at a time. Astronauts can take off their suits and live inside the vehicle. As their would be 13 cubic meter space area for atleast two astronauts or four in case of emergency. Manned, pressurised rover will use Fuel cells as power source.

The Toyota and Japan’s space company has set the launch date in 2029. Currently the vehicle is still the idea phase,but JAXA and Toyota has released some specs for the pressurised lunar rover. It would be around 6 meteres long and 5.2 meter wide and 3.8 meter taller.

Toyota Jaxa would be a huge leap in lunar driving technology. Previous lunar driving vehicle sent on the moon was NASA’s lunar roving vehicle “Moon buggy”,which was 3.1 meter long and 1.14 meter taller.

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