The most expensive and luxurious car: Bugatti’s “The Black car” has already been sold out.

Bugatti unveils the most expensive car ever “La Voiture Noire” (That’s the French for “The Black car”). Which is for €11 milliom (12.5 million). The price of about 300 Telsa model 3s.

“La Voiture Noire”, Bugatti has created a jet black rocket which hails as the most expensive car for its 110th Anniversary.

The special features of this new car is it has 1500 hosepower motor and 6 not so subtle tailpipes. Speculations points to Former VW CEO and chairman Ferdinand piëch Bugatti says the car is “Far more than a modern interpretation” of jean bugatti’s iconic type 57 SC Atlantic.

They has disclosed that the car has been sold out for €11 million (£9.5 million) before tax estimated at €16.7 million and €14.4 million including tax makes it the most expensive car of all the time.

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