Which are the World’s happiest countries ?

There are countries developing in economy, technology and many other things which ranks them to be on top of the world but do you know which country is on top for the most happiest country? Let us enlighten you with it.


Finland is ranked the world’s happiest country for the 2nd time in a row, according to 2019 World Happiness Report.

For the past two years Finland has been on top in the report of world happiest country. It’s citizens are cheerful, Enjoying their life and progressive, advanced society¬† without becoming overly stressed. Finns have a great bond¬† and connection with the nature they themselves attributes that “when others go to therapy, Finns put on a pair of rubber boots and head to the woods”.

Some Americans are unhappy with th this report.

America is ranked 19th happiest country of the world, but after the report, which conducted 156 countries using six metrics that include GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make their own life choices, social support, Generosity and perceptions of corruption which has been released every year since, 2012.

And now after the realeasing of 2019 report US dropped in the rankings for the third straight year and now is on 19th rank despite having a strong economy and low crime rates.

The list of top 52 happiest countries.

World Happiness Report.

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