“After” The Phenomenon By Anna Todd Every detail|Movie Trailer | Casting.

“After” movie is going to be the big bash for wattpaders. It is a fanfiction book based movie written by Anna Todd. It’s a huge phenomenon right now expanding among book lovers including me, which is now going to be available on cinemas on 12, April 2019.

The book is fan fiction of One Direction written by Anna Todd. Each book hold 100 chapters on Wattpad, a social writing app. It has been up since 2013. The story become wildly famous about a girl named Tessa Young who was smart dedicated and a young student who started her college life as a freshman in Washington state University, fells for a rude, dark secretive, mysterious guy named Harry styles. The book got more than a billion reads in a year.

It has become a phenomenon now after the success of her first book on social writing app it became a series which include five books, and now become a motion picture.

The book is still available on Wattpad for free with real chapters where Harry, Liam, Zyan, louis and Niall’s real names are used. Because book is a fanfiction and for legal reasons the names has to change. So, the main character’s name Harry styles has to change and became Hardin Scott.



Josephine Langford as Tessa young, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin as Hardin scott.
Selma Blair, Pia Mia, Innana, shane paul, Samuel Larsen and McGhie.

Anna Todd

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